PENNTROWEL™ 250 Surfacer

1/4 in High Performance Thermal Shock Resistant Epoxy Surfacer

PENNTROWEL 250 Surfacer is a pigmented high performance silica filled epoxy based monolithic floor topping. It has been formulated with the most up-to-date resin technology to withstand high temperatures and thermal cycling. It exhibits excellent chemical, abrasion, and impact resistance. PENNTROWEL 250 Surfacer meets or exceeds ASTM C722 for both types A & B chemical resistant resin monolithic surfacings. PENNTROWEL 250 Surfacer employs a tight graded matrix and is self sealing. Surface sealing and cleanability is improved, however, with the addition of top coat of PENNTROWEL 250 Resin/Hardener. The top coat can then be optionally seeded with #12 sand to adjust the surface texture if desired. Consult Corrosion Engineering specification CES-310 for complete usage/installation details.

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