Novolite Repair Mortar

Lightweight Epoxy Repair Mortar

Novolite Repair Mortar is a 100% solids, three-component concrete repair mortar formulated for horizontal, vertical and overhead applications. Its penetrating resin binder doubles as primer for exceptional bond. Lightweight fillers allow up to 4 inch (10 cm) build thickness in one pass on vertical surfaces. Also available in fast cure grade, Novolite Repair Mortar FC.
• No VOCs
• Lightweight, easy-to-use concrete repair
• Stronger than concrete
• Long-term protection
• May be applied up to 4-inches thick on verticals without sagging

• Repair of spalled concrete surfaces
• Patching bug-holes in cast-in-place structures
• Warehouse floor repairs
• Repair of broken expansion joint shoulders
• Repair of vertical and overhead concrete surfaces

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