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Blackhawk Hawk-Seal

Butyl Rubber Sealant

Hawk-Seal is a high-tack butyl rubber compound, used to seal the joints of underground concrete structures such as box culverts, manholes, concrete pipe, septic tanks, utility boxes and vaults. Hawk-Seal comes in roll form and functions as a seal against infiltration and exfiltration. The high grade butyl content allows for year-round, consistent sealability. Composed of no asphalt, Hawk-Seal provides a special high-tack feature only found in butyl.
• Asphalt-free
• No special tools needed
• Retains flexibility in extreme temperatures
• Excellent chemical resistance
• Tolerates joint deflection
• Plastic film backing for easy, tear-resistant release
• Manhole joints
• Septic tank joints
• Pipe joints
• Box culverts
• Arches
• Grade ring joints
• Concrete bridge spans

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