Blackhawk 5701

Asphalt Modified Polyurethane

Blackhawk 5701 is a two-component elastomeric compound of asphalt and polymers formulated for mixing and troweling at ambient temperature. It cures (by an in situ chemical reaction) to a tough, abrasive-resistant film which shows almost 100% elastomeric recovery from mechanical stress and forms a strong bond to a variety of substrates.
• Low VOC
• Flexible
• Good elongation and excellent recovery
• Can be sprayed
• Excellent resistance to acids, alkalis, and salts
• Service temperature of -80°F to 200°F (-62°C to 93°C)
• Waterproof
• Excellent slump resistance
• High-build
• Exempt from hazardous declaration under DOT regulations
• Waterproof membrane
• Horizontal joint sealant
• Crack bridging membrane
• Bridge coat at interfaces between dissimilar stubstrates

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