Insulation Protective Coating

ErgonArmor’s Blackhawk Seal-Kote series is an effective asphalt based cutback fibrated vapor barrier coating for use over insulations on piping and equipment operating at low to moderately high temperatures. Properly applied, Seal-Kote vapor barrier coatings provides protection against atmospheric corrosives, chemical dusts, fumes, fogs, and moisture. The cured coating forms a highly vapor retardant, tough, durable, and well bonded finish. Ertech 2120 is our water-based product that performs in many of the same ways as the Seal-Kote products but with the added benefit of being water-based. The water-based feature allows for use in confined space and within proximity of hot work such as welding. The Blackhawk 5700 series of products are 2 – component urethane modified asphalt that cure to a tough rubberized material with extreme puncture and tear resistance.