Reduce downtime, increase equipment life, improve drilling capabilities

The oilfield sector of the oil and gas industry requires products that provide reliability in extreme conditions. ErgonArmor has cracked the code to help your equipment thrive in these critical oilfield environments.

Our product range includes:

  • Novocoat RI80 surface-tolerant metal primer/coating.
  • Metal repair putties.
  • Novocoat R1920 Quick Repair Putties.
  • Liquid ceramic abrasion-resistant overcoat systems.
  • Blackhawk Seal Kote asphaltic products including Seal Kote Medium 5510 and Seal Kote Heavy 5600, which are used to protect girth weld seams and other pipe connections to prevent corrosion.
  • R-17-A-73, a solvent-based asphalt coating for sucker rods.
  • Ertech 2034 and Ertech 1200, our VOC-compliant water-based asphalt coatings for sucker rods.