OD/ID Coatings

ErgonArmor’s Novocoat product line offers a complete line of products for Pipeline Internal and External Pipeline Coatings and pipe repair products for girth weld along with leak repair systems that meet PCC-2 Part 4 Article 4.1. Novocoat SP2000W and Novocoat SP20000WHB are excellent choices for water and wastewater piping. Novocoat SP2000W is ANSI/NSF 61 Certified as well as being chemical resistance to organic acids, alkali and salts. ErgonArmor also offers systems for chemical piping as well. Novocoat SC2200 is a 100% solids Novolac epoxy coating that is fast-setting and cures down to 0°C. Novocoat SC2200 offers excellent corrosion and barrier properties, excellent resistance to cathodic disbondment, excellent thermal cycling properties and abrasion and impact resistance. Blackhawk asphalt cutback chemistry has been protecting pipe lines in a unique way for decades including the use of our R-17-A-73 cutback coating for the ID and OD of ductile iron pipe.