Flashing Cements

Blackhawk 5400, 5404 and 5600 are workhorse flashing cements and detail mastics to seal and protect the most demanding areas of the roof such as penetrations, curbs, and inside/outside corners. Blackhawk 5400 is an economical grade that can be used in any of the aforementioned situations including night seals in phased construction. Blackhawk 5404 is a polymer modified flashing cement that imparts extra flexibility and durability. Blackhawk 5600 offers higher performance slump resistance for demanding applications.

Blackhawk 5400 Roofing Cement – workhorse roof flashing cement for commercial roofing applications.

Blackhawk 5404 Rubberized Flashing Cement – built off the 5400 platform with added polymer modification for enhanced durability.

Blackhawk 5600 premium Flashing Cement – light weight, easy workability for the most demanding applications.