Concrete Protection


Protect challenging structures, overcome chemical erosion, seal and protect containment structures

ErgonArmor’s broad range of coatings and linings, plastic embedment liners, polymer concretes and acid brick and tile linings provides an excellent starting point for determining the best options for the protection and sealing of concrete structures. Contact us, and we will design the right system to suit your exact needs.

Our product range includes:

  • Crack bridging flexible membranes.
  • Novolite vertical/overhead repair mortar.
  • Penntrowel™ polymer resurfacers.
  • Castable polymer concretes and structural grouts.
  • Chemical-resistant epoxy, vinyl ester, and silicon lining systems.
  • Acroline™ Systems anchored thermoplastic embedment liners.
  • Sealants for construction, control and expansion joints.
  • Pennguard™ Block Lining System for coal fired power plant wet FGD chimneys.
  • Acid resistant brick and tile linings for chemical process equipment, like phosphoric acid attack tank, ore digesters and pulp bleach chests, as well as strong acid storage tanks.
  • Ertech water-based asphaltic dampproof coatings such as 2100 non-fibered spray grade, 2110 fibered spray grade and 2120 fibered trowel grade, which are environmentally and worker friendly.
  • Ertech 3035, 3036 and 3037, which are polymer modified emulsions for waterproofing and secondary containment that have very good elastomeric properties along with excellent chemical resistance. Ertech 3035 is designed to be co-sprayed with an accelerator that provides fast cure and high build. Ertech 3036 can be brushed, rolled or spray applied and generally is used as a prep work grade. Ertech 3037 has a higher viscosity making it an all-purpose grade that can be brushed, rolled, troweled or spray applied.
  • Blackhawk solvent-based asphaltic dampproof coatings such as 5011 and 5012, which are staples in the dampproofing market due to their ease of application and shelf life. They come in different viscosities to accommodate summer and winter environments. They can be brushed, rolled or spray applied.
  • Blackhawk waterproofing liquid applied membranes such as 5700, 5710 and 5720 are known for their urethane modification, which enhances their resistance to mechanical stresses and adds to fatigue resistance. The increase in tensile and elongation from the urethane modification provides these benefits.