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Blackhawk 5700

Asphalt Modified Polyurethane

Blackhawk 5700 is a liquid applied monolithic lining system with exceptional chemical and abrasion resistant elastomeric properties. As a cold applied chemistry, it is well suited as an alternate where hot applied membrane systems are not practical. Typical applications include primary and secondary containment, waste containment, spillway fountains, decorative ponds and various other waterproofing and corrosion protection situations. Due to its elastomeric properties, it may help to prevent the transmission of substrate cracks through the lining.
• Low VOC
• Elastomeric properties
• Self-leveling
• Can be sprayed
• Excellent resistance to acids, alkalis, and salts
• Service temperature of -80°F to 200°F  (-62°C to 93°C)
• Waterproof
• Exempt from hazardous declaration under DOT regulations
Blackhawk 5700 elasotmeric sealant is designed as an expansion joint sealant having a bond of maximum strength. Its properties give it a wide range of uses as follows:
• Where structural movement occurs on dismilar substrates due to temperature and mechanical stress is expected, it forms a tough, adhesive bond that stretches and recovers.
• Where adhesive to more than one construction material is desired. Example: between bridge decks where one side is concrete, the other metal. It bonds to concrete, metals, masonry, wood, glass and most plastic materials including urethane insulation.
• Plant floors and highway joints.
• Where extremely low temperatures will be encountered.
• In horizontal and low-sloped joints.

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